Parker Bauer

  Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Parker Bauer is an emerging glass artist who discovered his passion for glass while apprenticing at a local stained glass studio. It wasn’t until Parker found glassblowing that he felt truly able to express himself. The interplay between color and light quickly became a central theme in his work, as he explored how light transforms color and evokes emotion. Parker employs traditional patterning techniques to bring these ideas to life. In addition to creating his own work, Parker continues to enhance his skills and knowledge by attending international craft schools and working with glass daily.

‘My glass art is a reflection of my own chaotic energy, channeling it into vibrant, dynamic forms. Through traditional patterning techniques and the interplay of light and color, I create pieces that capture the tumultuous beauty of the creative process. Each work is a testament to the transformative power of glass, embodying both the turbulence and tranquility of my artistic journey.’