Our new featured artist exhibition series starts off with a showcase of beautifully crafted kiln-formed glass by Jeremy Dane Morris.
Dates  June 2nd to June 29th 
Opening Reception with Artist in attendance June 2nd, 2 pm to 5 pm
This body of work was developed out of a need to capture the movement of slumping glass within his finished works themselves. However, the very nature of the solid objectivity of kilnformed glass has proved to be quite a challenge.


 "For the past year I've been trying to achieve a feeling of movement within the glass and that’s quite difficult to do with the fusing technique -  everything happens slowly and statically in the kiln; it will always retain some of its two dimensional form."

His determination has brought us this skillfully crafted series of work called Twist. By layering clear and opaque glass next to playful transparent colours, Jeremy is able to not only capture the unique way in which glass moves when heated slowly but also the artful way glass is able to bend and twist light.
The process that Jeremy has developed to control this movement of glass while in the kiln involves a variance within the volume of the glass itself. This variation creates a subtle twist in each strip of glass. This twist combined with alternation of clear, transparent, and opaque glass creates a shifting of colours within each opaque strip which, as it twists, reflects the colour next to it. The inherent refractive and reflective qualities of glass as a material create a continuous changing and fading of colour  "reminiscent of a ribbon dance".

About the Artist

Jeremy is a fused glass artist based in Vancouver, Canada.  He is best known for his exceptionally crafted bowls, jewellery, and platters presented in ever developing and exquisite colour palettes.  Jeremy began his career in stained glass after graduating from Guelph University in 1979 with a BFA. After moving to British Columbia in 1996 Jeremy moved on to warm glass techniques and began to study slumping and fused glass. He opened his studio in 2003 and has been widely exhibited all over Vancouver and continues to be represented in Ontario.