Ikebana Vessel
Ikebana Vessel Ikebana Vessel Ikebana Vessel

Great as a stand-alone piece or for showing off your Ikebana style flower arrangements, Ikebana vessels are a sleek contemporary glass design available in a range of jewel tones.  The name "ikebana" refers to a Japanese form of flower arrangement emphasizing dramatic form and texture with a very few essential blooms and leaves. Hand blown in our Granville Island Studio, these vessels are a timeless design perfect for every space.

Sizing Details and Estimates

Mini -15cm
Regular - 16 - 23 cm
Large - 14 - 31 cm
Jumbo  - 32 - 45 cm
Leviathan - 46cm +
All Leviathans are made custom and take an additional 2 - 3 weeks for shipping. 

Colours may vary based on the lighting, thickness, density, and form of each piece.
Ikebanas come in a variety of shapes we will confirm all orders prior to shipment, with a photo of the vessel you are purchasing.