Jellyfish 13 / Purple

Regular price $367.00

Beautiful fluid purple jellyfish with blue top cap and purple spotting.

7 components.

33 cm tall by 25 cm wide.

Our Jellyfish sculptures which are collaboratively made by our studio team, are sure to catch your attention.   With each jellyfish containing at least five glass blown pieces, these creatures of the sea seem to be caught in time, floating happily around our hotshop.

Originally designed to be Chandelier components with lighting in mind, inquire with our staff about potentially turning yours into a beautiful, lighten up center piece, or cluster of multiple.

All handcrafted and assembled in our studio located on Granville Island. ~ Benjamin Kikkert

Clear/A color of your choice.

Glass, airline cable, beading wire and stainless steel fittings.

Lighting ~ “Colour Cord Company” wiring and lights