Find the unique, or order them custom.

See the light in amazing shades.

Deciding how to spruce up your home? Custom lighting is one of our specialties. Give some thought over size, colour and budget, and let the magic happen.Talk to us about our custom design and fabrication process, or come down and spectacle over some of our very talented represented artists.

One of a kind, handmade Canadian jewelry

Each uniquely fabricated, shown right here on Granville Island
Custom work

It's like
being there.

Made with the places you dream about in your mind. With an endless horizon of possibilities, drop on by our gallery to get a meaningful experience, and some insight as to what we can do for you.
Memorial and ash work.

A beautiful way to remember.

Memorial glass, or working with ash is a delicate process.. Your experience should be just as unique and personable. Contact us about your project and one of our knowledgable team members can offer you more information on how we can help honour your loved ones.
Glassblowing Workshops

Old Craft, New Experience

For the ever curious, come try your hand at this amazing art form and have an experience worth sharing
We all love nature
Ocean Series
From the bright turquoise of a sunny destination to the cool green mists of our local harbours, we have your waters of inspiration.
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Elegant and Uplifting
Jewelry you’ll love wearing
Whether your style is simple, classic, bold or contemporary, we have something just for you.
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For the home
Custom Decor
Celebrate everyday living with functional and decorative objects for your home.
Functional Decorative
Uniquely different
Creek Bed Highball Glasses
An original design, these glasses feature embedded handmade rocks, making each glass truly unique, a must have to add to your collection.
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A Special Collection
Harvest Mountain Scape Series
A study of colour work referencing landscape to the casual observer.
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Where you live, we live here too.

Featuring original contemporary Canadian glass.

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