LED lamp - Flower of Life

LED lamp - Flower of Life

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These handcrafted lights by Canadian glassmaker Alexandre Hupé are new and unique to our gallery! All hand casted, as well as handmade wooden frames, these lights connect to an app called Wiz, where the options and variety of colours and saturations are endless;  definitely a fun new addition to your home decor.

16” x 13 3/4”

4.5 kg

Wood, glass.



Alexandre Hupé holds a college degree in glass art from Espace Verre, Montreal. Rock climbing, tree planting for commercial reforestation and traveling across Canada and worldwide has given him a broad perspective on the land, its cycles, fauna and floral species. He is mostly inspired by the relation in which humans are shaped by their environment and experiences, and fascinated by the optical qualities of light in glass. He uses blown, solid and sand casted glass to create complex sculptures and modular LED illuminated surfaces. He has served as vice president and president of the Glass Art Association of Canada (GAAC) until 2022. He lives and works in the Eastern Townships of Québec.